To the memory of my cat Maurice



There is a photo album and videos of my cat below.

It was on the december 26th 2002 in the evening in the freezing cold that I found him outdoors.  He had been abandoned in the cold of winter and he was so desperate.  He was very vocal and hiding under a car.  I managed to get him out and get him to my home… many times!  He tried to run away a few times, especially when I opened the front door, but each time I managed to get his trust back and take him and go closer home until it was too late for him to run away.  He lived happily with me after.

He was quite affectionate toward people at first until he got attacked by a viscious dog at the vet. He became very wary of people and timid, but never never with me, he was quite affectionate and expressive with me.

When I got him, his obsession was that he wanted me to pat his belly all the time, and I really mean ALL the time.  I’d get bitten if I was not being enough affectionate with him.

He was as well quite more vocal than he is now.  When I got him, he was so quiet (not vocally though), he was spending all day long sleeping and eating, I was worried he was sick since he was around 9 months and at that age they’re still babies and play a lot, and he was really listening to me, as in if I told him no about something he’d really stop and never do it again.  I think he was traumatized by his abandonment and did not want to give me ammunition to kick him out.  I comforted him as much as I could and told him he could do as much as he wanted and I’d loved him anyway.  With time, he got more playful and when I went to the vet to be neutered, the doctor said he was in excellent health.

He became much more playful later and also he often did not listened to me anymore.

It was really heartbreaking when he lost all that weight and got sick, and I had to euthanize him.  He was the sweetest and most affectionate cat, he was perfection incarnated… and I shall miss him dearly.

May he rests in the Summerlands…

His pPhoto album:



  1. Annik · August 28, 2014

    Nice moments. With one or two video, it gave me the impression he was dancing.

  2. Mamie · August 28, 2014

    Salut ma puce!

    Il était vraiment adorable ton petit compagnon… mignon et irrésistible… je pense qu’il aimait beaucoup la caméra… il me manque… je suis heureuse de le revoir de cette façon… c’est un peu l’éternité!


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