Going back to my roots

I’ve decided to go back to the MMORPG Saga of Ryzom. now renamed Ryzom.  Ryzom is the first MMORPG I played back then, during the open beta, that got me got addicted to MMORPGs.  The setting is science-fantasy and it’s a sandbox game, but they’ve added quests since, called missions that you do as well.

The game was launched in 2004 and I bought the game, but could not play as long as they didn’t add Paypal as methods of payment.  I joined a guild of friendly players up until I left the game for another MMORPG, because I was unable to pay for more than 1 subcription for a month back then.  It’s not the case anymore.  You can get more infos here:


http://w.ryzom.com/  (old website, but this one has wallpapers, webkits, videos)

https://ryzom.com/  new website)

“The game takes place on the planet Atys. Unlike normal planets, Atys is an enormous tree large enough to sustain an atmosphere and multiple ecosystems on its surface and within immense networks of branches and roots. The various creatures in Ryzom have differing AI based upon their species that allows them to perform many realistic behaviors, such as migration and movement as a herd. Carnivores, for example, will attack specific animals for food, and certain animals hunt in packs. The game also features changing seasons and weather. Weather effects include rain, snow, and wind. Tied to the season and weather changes are the movements of animals and the availability of harvestable materials. For example, a certain type of sap may only be harvested during spring rains and be unattainable during other seasons or weather conditions. Weather conditions can change minute by minute. Each game season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) lasts four real-time days.

Player characters come from one of four distinct humanoid races, collectively called “homins”. The ‘Matis’ are a proud and noble race of forest dwellers. They have mastered the art that is a fusion of botany and genetic manipulation, and consequently they have constructed their kingdom and castles from massive trees grown for that very purpose. The ‘Tryker’ are a fiercely independent and fun-loving race of lake dwellers. They build large floating cities on their lakes, and networks of wind-powered water pumps around them. The ‘Zoraï’ are a spiritual and tranquil race of jungle dwellers. They build their temple-cities within naturally fortified areas of the jungle. Finally, the ‘Fyros’ are a tough and obstinate race of desert dwellers. They have mastered fire technology, which they like to build into their weapons and architecture”  from Wikipedia

Back when I played, my character was a Matis and they live mainly in the forests of beautiful trees with the weather and the seasons, which is my favorite area, the LakeLands of the Trykers is my second with the beaches, the sea, the lakes.   Back then when you made a character of the cerrtain race, you ended up at that area of the main game of that race when you finished the tutorial and teleported there, the  Matis to the forest, the Fyros to the desert, the Trykers to the lakelans and the Zorai to the jungles.  Not anymore, now you can chose which city and region you want to go to.  There is a free-to-play version but I prefer paying for the extra XP, the extra storage.   And with the max lv you can reach, lv 250 for those who pay, and max 125 for the free playing, so that means a LOT of grinding, I’d rather pay for the extra XP and storage (like getting an apartment to put your stuff into since there are no bank in the game.

When they merged the servers they deleted every character, but I’ve managed to get mine back.  The game setting is a giant living growing tree and you can see them in the game giant branches in the sky, roots.  The game still look quite beautiful and magical even if date 15 years.  The game feel very pagan to me and you can check it out yourself for free.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines sequel announced!


I bought Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines when it came and I thought this game is just awesome. You had to manually install Wesp’s unnoficial patch back then, but now it’s an exe that install in a short time the patch by clicking, or double-clicking, the file.  I definitively want to thank Wesp for his hard work and dedication for still working on his unnoficial patch.  At first it was to fix the bugs the game had (Basic), then to uncover the unfinished materials the devs were still working on and put them in the game (Plus).

Videos on how awesome Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is.  I’ve tried to embed them in my post, but it won’t let me.  I’m really happy about this news.

My favorite clan to play is a female Gangrel, love their skills, they’re hardy and badass.  I love that they may seem human at first, but if you start to look at them closely, you notice they’re not.  And personnally I love their claws, looks feral.  They don’t look monstrous like the Nofteratu, but like them they have to hide and cover themselves, hidden in the shadows.  And since I play a female, people probably just think my claws are just long nails.  With points in Seduction it makes the game easier to feed on people.  Maybe because to me the Gangrel is the closest to my idea of a real vampire, strong, hardy, lots of stamina, can turn into bats, wolves, mist, can call animal spirits for help, like bats and wolves.

I don’t play the Vampire the Masquerade games from White Wolf, though, saw some of their books on Vampires the Masquerade from them in a store in English.  I’m French-Canadian and my English was pretty bad, and my friends’ English was worse.  Anyway, so my sole experience I have with their PnP is with their videogames.  I bought Bloodlines first when it came out, found it amazing, and Redemption much much later on GOG.  I haven’t played Redemption yet.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 website

Beautiful Screensavers

There are beautiful screensavers in 3D by 3Planesofft.  Some are nature scenes, some are fantasy, some show real places, like Stonehenge, some are festive (Holiday scenes).  They cost less if you buy a few at once, instead of buying one at once.


I live in a city and I’m sick and disabled, and my capacity of movement are limited.  The money I have is also limited because of that.  I don’t have much opportunity to travel, go the country for a week-end.  I’ve thought in the past to move and live in the country, in a small town perhaps, but that never happened.

Also, because I live in a city, the light pollution prevents me to gaze at the night sky and look at the stars and the moon, the moon looks a bit blurry here.  I’ve always prefered the night over the day, the night sky, the stars, and the moon.  I lived in the suburbs for some years and I could see the night sky without problems.

Now these screensavers make me dream of other places, in nature, listening to the birds, animals and the insects.


I bought numerous oracles decks by Patrick Valenza last year, and there is one in particular I’d like to use, the Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle ‘Seance Edition’ (Extra cards included.  I bought a cute coin bag for it, and I’ve scanned both Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle decks and the Mildred Payne’s Oracle of Black Enchantment as well.  So I might start postng my readings here with this deck.

Keep the Summer Time all year long Canada

Keep the Summer Time all year long Canada and stop following the Americans whims.  Most of U.S.A. States don’t have winters like ours, or even a winter at all.  The changing of time in october/november ONLY benefit them, not us at all.  They’re not the ones suffering from Seasonal Depression per example, caused by the lack of light in winter.  Canada is a Nordic country in America, and as such should get inspirations and help from the other Nordic Countries in Europe, not from stupid Americans.  And they keep the Summer Time all year long.  Just stand firm and be proud of being a Nordic country, but winters would be easier on us if we did some of the things people do in Nordic Countries.  I’m definitively NOT the only in Canada who wishes to keep the Summer Time all year around, we are many, and the political parties don’t listen to us on that matter.

Been a while

I’ve been feeling worse these past months.  My health has degraded, I’ve lost some autonomy, I don’t have any energy for anything, except to watch tv and animes.  The only upside is that I’m finally getting help for chores in my apartment, so that makes less things to do on my part, the gouvernement is the one who pays the fees.  I’ve not touched my decks as well.

I’ve bought a domain, strangerealms.ca, so that the old link goes there.  I think it makes my blog look more professional.

I had in the past a few blogs running at the same time on different matters, and I found that, on the long term, too complicated and exhausting.  Unlike some, words don’t come to me.  It can take me hours just to write a paragrap, so working on writing 3/4 blog entries every day on 3/4 blogs is impossible for me.  I ended up not posting much on all of them in the past.  People don’t realize the amount of work and time it takes me to write, not physically, but mentally because I never know what to say and I don’t have any inspiration.  Yet I much prefer communicating in writing.

Favorite General Spread

I’d like that to share my favorite genal spread, copyright goes to Christine Filipak.  I generally don’t remember the spreads in the Little White Books that oracles and tarot decks have, but I found that one in the Madame Eudora’s Fortune Cards booklet and I just love it, and it goes well with oracles and tarot decks as well.  The Madame Eudora’s Fortune Cards is a beautiful oracle deck.

The Oracle of the World




1 – Center: represents you or your present situation.

2 – North: represents dreams and intangibles ideals, representing that which you aspire to.

3 – South: represents earthly pursuits and material concerns.

4 – West: represents the setting sun, or that which has been.

5 – East: represents the rising sun, or that which is yet to be.

6 – NorthWest: represents a past spiritual or romantic influence.

7 – NorthEast: represents a future spiritual or romantic influence you will encounter.

8 – SouthWest: represents a past physical influence in your life regarding matters of health and money.

9 – SouthEast: represents a future physical influence you will encounter regarding matters of health and money.

12 Cards Lenormand Spread

It is a spread I posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forums that concern the Petit Lenormand, and it can be used with the Kipper as well. You place the querent card in the middle and then select and place the other cards around the querent card. Personally I don’t like using bg spreads whether it’s tarot or other oracles, so I generally don’t use the Grand Lenormand spread and prefer using 3 cards sreads or this one I created.


Q: querant, 28 for a man, 29 for a woman

1, 5, 9: past in general

3, 7, 11: future in general

2, 6, 10: Love and family in the future

4, 8, 12: Money and work in the future