Daily Reading

I had quite a bad surprise yesterday when the Lovers card was about a contract: the lease.  Yeah, the new landlord came to see me to raise the rent by 20$ and made a few threats along the way.  He really pissed me off.  Grrr!  I just hope this situation will resolve because I’m not accepting this raise so I have to make contact with organisms about that and we may have to go in front of a judge,  Not only I cannot afford to move but the rents here in this city have doubled and sometimes tripled so I cannot afford these huge prices too, so I want to stay there and pay less than 20$ for the raise.

And me who thought my Justice year would be quiet, I didn’t think it would involve law problems, lawers, judges, etc.

OK, here are my cards for today now:

Card 1 Today: Six of Grails


Happiness and small good moments today that I will enjoy, I will reminiscence about the past and there is a past connection that may be become part of the present again.

Card 2 Surprise: XVI The Tower


An event will drop on my head and shake my world, probably in a bad way.

Card 3 Advice: Nine of Knives


The advice today is about not letting my fears, my confusion, my moody emotions get to me and control me.

Card 1 Today: The Knight


I will have struggles and issues today.  I will need to be courageous and honorable if I want to get through this.

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