My new bed

I’ve seen quite a pretty quilt at Brylanehome’s website but unfortunately they only ship for USA.  You cannot even register to Brylanehome’s website since they only accept american addresses.  The quilt is nowhere to be found, even ebay, except for  After asking Amazon questions, it turns out Amazon does not care from where the buyer is from, as long as the item is shipped to an american address.  A quite generous American has accepted for me to receive the package in my stead, and to ship it back to me.  I’ve decided I might as well buy more stuff from Brylanehome for my bed.

Here is the quilt I’ve bought from Amazon, the Delacourt Quilt Set (you have to open images on another tab with WordPress to see them full size, since they always shrink images to make them fit the width of the blogs):

Brylanehome Delacourt Quilt Set

And I bought the same bedskirt that is shown here in the Delacourt Quilt Set photo to go with my bed.  I also bought sheets to go with the bed, alas Amazon did not have green anymore so I had to take brown for color:

Brylanehome Leaf Microfiber Embroidered Sheet

As for last, I don’t have a blanket and needed one so I choose that one and I picked the lavender color:

Brylanehome Soft Pleasures Blanket

My mattresses are really old and need to be changed so my next purchase is new mattresses for me.  After that I plan to buy a bed:

Lit en métal

I think it will be really lovely.  I’m really happy for getting the quilt after all and it will fit with my stuff.

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