I’ve been pretty busy these last months.

I took a course in Petit Lenormand from Sylvie Steinbach that lasted 5 weeks, so I was very much that, and later too, to practices what I’ve learned.  I really loved the course.  I wanted to take the next ones but I made a mistake and missed the opportunity to take the next courses.

I’ve been working to make a tarot workshop for friends, which will be given in february, so I have tons of tarot books to read, and I purchased a few tarot books too.  So I’m working on taking notes and all that for the course.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this autumn there has been so many new good tv shows, that I’ve not watched all the shows that I find interesting.  I plan to watch those other shows in december while the other ones will be on break.  Usually there is just one good new tv show to watch every year, so this year I’m overwhelmed.  I can say the same about animes.  I feel like all I do is watch tv, and personally I find watching tv numbing.

Frankly, I’ve not even played much MMORPGs because of that.  I quit Final Fantasy XIV Reborn because I don’t want to pay for a game I cannot play.  So I’ve invested in free-to-play MMORPGs instead.

With my new apartment being bigger, I’ll install my Yule decorations and tree in december.  I intend to post pictures of them.

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