A prosperity altar

My computer needs to be upgraded, and I’d like to replace my old white Ikea furnitures at some point.  I’d like that too to take german courses but they’re really expensive, like 500$ each course, really depressing.  So to help me in these tasks I’ve decided to create a permanent prosperity altar in my bedroom.  So I’ve been looking around for advices.

I’ve decided to get a statue of the god Ganesh.  The thing with Ganesh is that Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles, he removes any obstacle to wealth, good fortune, success, or anything else when asked.  I think Ganesh should be very helpful in my home.  Here is a photo of the statue:


And I’ve decided to buy a statue of the goddess Fortuna, the goddess of good fortune, good luck, blessings, wealth, etc.  Here is a photo of the statue:


I have other items planned for my prosperity altar and I shall take a picture of the finished project.

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