Found a few alternatives

I’ve decided to have Mailoo as email provider.  Their servers are in France I guess and they have encryption for their servers, they use an open-source software for the webmail part.  The quota is decent.  Their website and the webmail has a French/English interface so I can suggest it to friends if necessary.  The downside is the max size of joined files is 5 MB on the webmail format which is really small.  But I have found alternatives for that.  One is that I can send bigger files using Thunderbird with my new email without problems.

I’ve ditched Dropbox and replaced it with ownCloud, and OwnDrive who hosts ownCloud has free accounts so I got one with them.  So now if there is any file bigger than 5 MB for Mailoo for joined files, I can always put them in OwnDrive and send the link to the files.

I have replaced here on WordPress all the files that were in Dropbox to OwnDrive.

I’m really happy! Sourire

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