Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Daughter of Knives


Today I may have to deal with a situation that requires a clear and analytical mind.  I should be careful with my aggressiveness.  A new idea may come to my mind.  I may have contact with a person who has the characteristics of a Princess of Swords.

Card 2 Surprise: Two of Skulls


A change is coming my way, a grows of some kind, in the practical matters.

Card 3 Advice: Lord of Knives


The advice today is to be quick mentally and to charge to handle issues at hand.

Card Today: 15 Mildew Fairy


Something I have dismissed could be useful to me or is unhealthy for me.  Something needs to be cleaned.  I need to decrease stuck emotions and increase fresh thinking, my home may needs the same.  Something is stagnant, over-emotional.

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